Freedom Grips

Freedom Grips are grips without holes for your fingers. They protect your entire hand during gymnastic exercises and provide a better grip. View the full collection with brands such as; Victory Grips, Picsil & Velites

A better grip on Victory Grips!

For athletes by athletes!

That was the motto when Victor Pellegrino came up with the idea to produce these grips. Everything at Victory Grips is meant to make you better, to make athletes better at what they do! It does not matter at what level you are involved in your sport, their product is for everyone! Because of Victor's background in the gymnastics/gymnastics world, they are based on that type of grips. It has been taken into account that the Crossfit grips are designed as functionally as possible, so that nothing should get in the way of your range of motion. Fully deployed to protect your hands and ensure that you can achieve better performance.

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