Crossfit Grips

At WODgear we only choose the best Crossfit grips, which we extensively test before they are included in our collection! This is how we ended up with grips from the brands Picsil, Velites and Victory Grips! Protection of your hands and allowing you to hang on the bar longer due to extremely good grip.

Everything about grips

Below you can read more about different grips. How do grips work? What are the advantages? And which grips do you want?

Who are grips intended for?

WODgear offers several brands of grips: Victory Grips , Picsil and Velites . These grips are often used by Crossfit athletes, but they are in principle suitable for anyone who performs hanging exercises. Consider, for example, toes-to-bars, pull-ups and bar muscle-ups, but also scaled variants such as hanging knee raises and jumping pull-ups. With these exercises you create friction between the bar and your hands. Do you want to protect your hands at such a time? And keep your grip better and longer? Then grips are meant for you.

How do grips work?

You attach grips to your wrists. The other part of the material is between your hands and the bar. Some grips have holes for your fingers, others do not. There are also different sizes of grips.

  • The material the grips are made of makes it easier to hang onto the bar.
  • Victory grips use the dowel effect. This, as it were, holds you even more upwards from your wrists and allows you to linger a lot longer. Watch the following video to see how to apply it:

What are the advantages?

Using grips gives you the following benefits:

  • Less trouble with sweaty hands and slipping
  • More grip strength
  • Protecting your hands against blisters

What are the best-selling grips?