Training shoes

Trainers are the most used shoes in Crossfit and functional fitness and that is not without reason!

- A flat and sturdy sole that gives you more stability and allows you to lift heavy weights.

- The materials used can take a beating for exercises such as Toes to Bar & Ropeclimbs

- Flexibility in the forefoot so you can move easily and quickly!

Everything about trainers

What are trainers?

Trainers are sports shoes, specially designed as versatile Crossfit shoes. You therefore wear trainers during most of your training. They are suitable for training that consists of all kinds of different exercises, from wall balls to box jumps to toes to bars.

Why do you use trainers?

You use trainers because Crossfit is all about moving as much weight as possible in as little time as possible. You don't have time to change shoes during a workout, and you want a shoe that works for everything! With running shoes you stand less firmly due to the raised heel. And with regular sneakers, for example, you have less cushioning.

Using trainers therefore has several advantages:

  • Solid base
  • Sufficient flexibility
  • Versatility

Which trainers do you want?

If you go for the best trainers, you want TYR trainers. These trainers are worn by the top of the Crossfit world.

TYR CXT-1 trainers have a stability platform, responsive midsole and flexible forefoot. So they are sturdy, flexible and versatile.

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