Picsil Jump Ropes

Picsil has a beautiful collection of speed ropes!
Innovative, fast and of high quality. They have a tailor-made jumping rope for athletes of every level!

Everything about our Jump Ropes

We at WODgear are proud to have an extensive collection of jump ropes and speed ropes in our range. Whether you're a Crossfit athlete or just want to get fitter by working on your cardio with jump rope WODs, our selection of speed & heavy ropes from the Picsil & Velites brands are designed to meet your needs!

What are Speedropes?

Skipping ropes are essential tools and an absolute must-have in every Crossfit bag! These lightweight and durable ropes are designed to turn quickly and easily handle the rotations required to complete prescribed Double or Single unders.

Why should you use our Jump Ropes?

We have specially put together our range so that there is a skipping rope for everyone and every purpose. In your programming you will often be prescribed double-under or even crazy things like crossovers during competitions and then you better make sure that it is not due to your material!

Who are our Jump Ropes intended for?

We have composed our range in such a way that we have a skipping rope for everyone!