KNKG - King Kong GYMBags

Everything about Sports Bags

Why do you need a sports bag / gym bag?

Of course, you can always choose to throw all your stuff in an AH Shopper or the immensely popular free Basic Fit bag and call it your sports bag. Totally agree, but at WODgear we don't like to spend minutes digging around looking for our roll of tape or the grips we want to use for this workout. A real Gym bag has handy compartments and ensures that not everything smells like a wet towel or stinky shoes. The bags in our range are also made with the best materials so that they will last for years.

What makes these Sports Bags so great?

We have chosen KNKG, formerly King Kong Bags, as our Gym bag partner. Since 2011, they have been producing sports bags especially for Powerlifters, Weightlifters and, in recent years, Crossfitters. The design therefore takes into account that there is a handy place for all the gear you want to take with you. In addition, their motto is 'We build bags to last' and this is reflected in the materials used.