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2POOD is a large and well-known American brand that specializes in producing high-quality weightlifting belts . 2POOD is the official belt for Weightlifting Team USA & The Crossfit Games. In addition, most Professionals swear by these Belts.

WODgear has a wide range of different belts. We deliver directly from stock, so no hassle with importing and long delivery times!

Everything you need to know about wearing a weightlifting belt

Why do you wear a lifting belt?

Weightlifting belts provide support, security and stability in your lower back during squats, deadlifts and other heavy exercises. Whether you participate in the Crossfit games, top powerlifting competitions or are an amateur. Lifters of all levels wear belts from the WODgear range. Our 2POOD belts are the official belts of USA Weightlifting.

A lifting belt is one of the essential parts in your gym bag.

When do you wear a weightlifting belt?

You can use a belt when you technically correctly engage your core while lifting and lifting heavy weights. Heavy lifting refers to lifting above 80% of your current 1RM.

Please note: A lifting belt in no way replaces strength from the core. It is intended as a reminder, not a replacement for stability from your core!

The perfect size for you!

It is important to purchase the right size belt. Here's how to find the right size:

  • Measure horizontally around your torso.
  • Start and end at your belly button.
  • Remember the number of centimeters
  • See below which size is best suited to you.
Weightlifting belt size Centimeters
XXXS 64.8 - 69.8
XXS 69.8 - 74.9
XS 74.9 - 80
S 80 - 87.6
M 87.6 - 97.8
L 97.8 - 108
XL 108 - 118
XXL 118 - 128

If you still have doubts or want more tips, check out our 2POOD Measurement page!

How do you wear a weightlifting belt?

Do you have the right size belt? Pull the strap over your navel and ABOVE the hips, take the Velcro strap around and through the WODclamp / mounting buckle. From there, pull the band tight and attach the Velcro.

Our most popular belts: