Tommy's Tape

Tommy's Tape is the manufacturer of the popular hookgrip weightlifting tape from Germany. These are available in 3 sizes and 13 colors. WODgear ensures that these are now also easily available in the Netherlands. View them here!

Everything about Thumb Tape

All about thumb tape

Below you can read more about thumb tape . Do you want to use it? How does it work? What are the advantages? And which thumb tape do you want?

Who is thumb tape intended for?

Do you have a barbell in your hands a few times a week with Crossfit or Weightlifting ? Are you S natching and Cleaning? Or do you use the hook grip for your deadlift , for example ? Then you want to protect your thumb from friction, abrasions and blisters. Then there's thumb tape meant for you .

How does thumb tape work?

Thumb tape is easy to apply and will remain in place for the entire training if you follow the steps below:

- Make an L of your hand
- Stick the tape to the bottom of your thumb
- Twist the tape diagonally around the thumb twice (work towards your index finger)
- Bend your thumb slightly and wrap it around your thumb again
- Tear off the tape

Brands such as TOMMY's TAPE supply tape of different widths . You can choose what you like.

What are the advantages ?

Using thumb tape gives you the following benefits:

- Protected hands and thumbs
- Better grip
- Do you choose Tommy's TAPE? Then you get value for money: you get 8.5 meters of tape per roll , while the competition gives you somewhere between 3.5 / 5 meters .

What is the best-selling thumb tape?

Tommy's TAPE is one of the best-selling tape brands. The tape is of high quality, durable and tear-resistant . Moreover, it comes in 13 different colors, for example:

- Black