Everything about Thumb Tape

All about thumb tape

Below you can read more about thumb tape . Do you want to use it? How does it work? What are the advantages? And which thumb tape do you want?

Who is thumb tape intended for?

Do you have a barbell in your hands a few times a week with Crossfit or Weightlifting ? Are you S natching and Cleaning? Or do you use the hook grip for your deadlift , for example ? Then you want to protect your thumb from friction, abrasions and blisters. Then there's thumb tape meant for you .

How does thumb tape work?

Thumb tape is easy to apply and will remain in place for the entire training if you follow the steps below:

- Make an L of your hand
- Stick the tape to the bottom of your thumb
- Twist the tape diagonally around the thumb twice (work towards your index finger)
- Bend your thumb slightly and wrap it around your thumb again
- Tear off the tape

Brands such as TOMMY's TAPE supply tape of different widths . You can choose what you like.

What are the advantages ?

Using thumb tape gives you the following benefits:

- Protected hands and thumbs
- Better grip
- Do you choose Tommy's TAPE? Then you get value for money: you get 8.5 meters of tape per roll , while the competition gives you somewhere between 3.5 / 5 meters .

What is the best-selling thumb tape?

Tommy's TAPE is one of the best-selling tape brands. The tape is of high quality, durable and tear-resistant . Moreover, it comes in 13 different colors, for example:

- Black